Artistic upholstery exsist for 33 years. 15 years of work in foreign countries and 18 years of work on the teritory of Balkan (Southeastern Europe) brought us a lot of experience, new ideas and motivation for further work and specialization. Our goal is to to refresh and to embellish every single piece of furniture, which our satisfied customers bring by, that in a new way, in the spirit of art we settle every car and motor, and that each of our clients come out of our workshop with a smile on his face and joy inside. Only then we believe that we have succeeded. And every and each new client is a new experience, a new challenge, that we accept with great confidence and do our best for each item to bring out as much as we can and give it the thread of art and magic of strange and unusual. The idea for the artistic upholstery was born out of love for the arts. Inspired by the world famous artists such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, Victor Vasarely, and many others, the founder of "Sepuku" starts to transfer one by the other picture, on the leather. No detail was left out, none of the lines were wrong. And it has been created a new kind of art-artistic upholstery. For now, the world has only seven people involved in the art of upholstering in 3D, of which 4 are in the U.S., one in Germany, one in Netherland and the last, the holder of numerous honors and awards, Robert Orsag, from Subotica, owner and founder of "Sepuku". This world-renowned artist, for many years with their talent embellishes numerous pieces of furniture, cars, motorcycles, and even leather garment. Robert Orsag, world recognized as an artist, annually receives numerous awards for his work in this field of art. VIDEO (Umetničko Tapaciranje i Šivenje) VIDEO (SEPUKU - UMETNIK TAPACIRANJA) VIDEO (SEPUKU : FULL HD)
Orsag Robert